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Model Cindy Crawford looks beautiful with that famous mole of hers. But if you don’t feel beautiful with your mole or other skin imperfections like warts, cysts, or skin tags, you don’t have to live with any of it. Come see us at Steil Dermatology and we’ll devise a treatment plan to meet your mole-free goals!

The ways we can treat you are as varied as warts, moles, cysts like ganglion cysts and sebaceous cysts, and skin tags themselves. Depending on where and how large the growth is – is it a planter’s wart, is it a wart on the fingers or toes – treatment could involve freezing, surgical removal, dermabrasion, chemical peels, immunotherapy, or sometimes a combination of these.

When dealing with any skin growth, our first thought is always your health. We routinely biopsy growths we remove.

If the treatment we outline for you involves surgical removal, refrain from aspirin and fish oils a few days ahead of time to minimize bruising or bleeding. And don’t tan, even spray tan, on the area we will be treating no matter how we will be treating it. We want to be able to clearly see the area.

Downtime is slight, and will be determined by the treatment. You might have a band aid, and be told not to exercise for a day or so if it’s a surgical removal. No matter what the treatment is – take extra caution from the sun as any area we treat will be extra sensitive to the sun’s damaging rays.

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