Ingrown Hairs



Whether it’s one or a patchy area of “bumps” with several, we offer solutions for ingrown hair whether it’s a chronic or one-time problem.

Ingrown hairs are particularly common in the bikini areas and under arms. Areas commonly shaved means hair has “sharp” ends, that can more easily grow back in. Often we can educate you on how to prevent ingrown hairs, and even use home remedies to stop the problem you have if it’s mild.

Depending on where the problem is, a tendency toward ingrown hair can be addressed by microdermabrasion to keep hair from getting impacted in the first place. This is particularly effective on men who suffer this problem on their face. Often, regular treatment can keep the ingrown hairs from coming back.

Before treatment we’ll ask you not to shave the impacted area for at least a week.
In most cases there won’t be any downtime, except for some mild flushing from microdermabrasion.

In some cases, laser hair removal may be an option to eliminate Ingrown Hairs

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