This is not your mother’s anti-cellulite fantasy. It is your anti-cellulite reality! Cellfina is FDA approved, minimally invasive, and reduces cellulite for at least two years, likely much longer. Really.

You will have your treatment site – let’s say dimples on the thighs – numbed up with a few lidocaine injections. Then a hand held device is gently placed over each “dimple” and a slight vacuum pressure is applied to lift the skin while a miniature scalpel quickly releases the fibrous band that “pulls” – and causes – cellulite. Dozens of “dimples” can be treated in one session.

You will be a little bit sore and will have some circular bruises at the “dimple” sites. The soreness will disappear within a day or two, while the bruises may take 10 days to fade entirely.

Minimize aspirin, red wine, and fish oil or vitamin E oil for five days before treatment to minimize bruising.

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