Itchy, irritated skin?

If you have stubborn or irritating skin conditions like exzema, persistent dermatitis, or even a mysterious rash you may think you’ve tried everything to get relief. But until you come to see us you probably haven’t. We offer the latest treatments, targeted to these skin problem.

When you come in to see us for a skin condition like excema, dermatitis, or a rash, the first thing we’ll do is work with you to try figure out what’s causing or contributing to the problem, whether it’s stress, an allergic reaction, or a medical condition. Then we’ll focus on getting you relief. Sometimes it’s as easy as repairing the skin barrier so that irritants stay out, or avoiding certain allergens. Sometimes it requires the latest prescription medications, typically topical. Today many of those are non-steroidal. No matter what – we won’t rest until you feel better.

Psoriasis is more than a skin condition, it’s a disease of the immune system. Sometimes it’s associated with other diseases like type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We are successfully treating psoriasis with the latest oral medications and ointments. If an underlying condition is at play, we will work closely with your regular physician to come up with the best overall treatment plan for you.

Many treatments will require extra protection against the sun.

When you come in to consult with us on a skin condition, bring a record of all the over-the-counter medications or other treatments you’ve already tried. In the case of a mysterious rash, be ready to tell us if it’s spread or changed color since you first noticed it.