Q&A: Introducing Dr. Bognet


Dr. Bognet is a board certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist who treats patients of all ages. She offers Saturday clinics in addition to extended weekend hours. And if you wake up with a rash, call and she will accommodate your emergency skin needs.

Dr. Bognet has this advice for caring for your extremely dry skin during winter months:
Cold, dry air can dehydrate the skin causing flaking, itching, and redness and even cracks and bleeding in sensitive skin individuals. Stop the scalding hot water! Steaming hot water, while it may temporarily ease itching, only worsens dry skin. Opt for lukewarm and short, less than 10 minute, showers instead. If you can’t tolerate the cooler water temps, try warming your towels in the dryer for use when you get out.

Avoid drying bar soaps or fragrant shower gels. Typical brands that over-dry patient’s skin include: Dial, Irish spring, Ivory, and Zest. These soaps can rarely be tolerated by non-oily skin people and especially not in the dry winter months. In terms of shower gels, try to avoid brands that are translucent or colorful and have added fragrance. Examples include Axe, Old Spice, Bath and Body works. Instead, look for thick, opaque white creamy body washes like, Epionce milky cleanser.

Dry skin is more vulnerable to damage that is why it is important to have a consistent skin care routine to avoid having it evolve into eczema:
Moisturizer– this is best done immediately after washing while the skin is still a little wet. We call this “soak and smear.” Just pat dry after bathing, then apply a thick moisturizer to all affected areas. While there are many brands to choose from, we encourage looking at a product’s consistency. Thick, ointments and creams that come in a jar that you have to “scoop” out will have the greatest ability to seal water into your skin. If these are “too greasy” for you, another option is Epionce medical barrier cream which is wonderful for face or body.
Outdoor enthusiasts- protect your skin from sun-damage- even in the winter:
It is important to protect your skin year round. Not only to decrease the risk of skin cancer but also to prevent premature aging of the skin. An SPF of 30 – 60 is the goal with reapplication needed every 2 hours while outside. Physical blocker sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are very protective and newer brands like Elta MD contain nanotechnology to make the products nearly invisible. Remember to protect your lips with sunscreen and eyes with sunglasses as well!

Dr. Bognet recommends these products for putting some spring back into your skin:
In the winter months our skin can look dull and lifeless. My personal “go-to” products include: Epionce Intensive nourishing cream for morning and night. On the nights that I use a retinoid product, I love Avene Retinal eye and face. I layer that with Epionce medical barrier cream to avoid any flaking in the morning.


Steil Dermatology is excited to introduce Kybella

Kybella the FDA-approved injectable to treat “double-chin fat.”

We are focusing on treating fat in our office and now we have Kybella injections to address under-the chin fullness, or the double chin that bothers so many people. This stubborn fat pocket drives people crazy because despite how much they exercise and eat healthy- the fat pocket does not shrink.

Up until now, liposuction has been the go-to treatment for this area, but now that Kybella is available it is a great new tool in our toolbox to sculpt the neck and to promote facial harmony. Being able to visually eliminate the heaviness on the lower face is uplifting to the entire face.

The great news is that Kybella’s key ingredient is naturally occurring, and the treatments are simple injections placed directly into the fat pad. Typical side effects include swelling and mild bruising. Call if you have a “chinny-chin-chin” and make an appointment for Kybella today.