Restore your hair

Whether you are a man or a woman, hair loss can be stressful. And in fact, sometimes stress can cause hair loss! No matter what the causes for your thinning hair, today there are new options available to help restore your hair and at Steil Dermatology, we have the latest.

First, we will examine you and determine what’s likely causing your hair loss whether it is female or male pattern baldness (heredity); an underlying medical condition; because of hormonal changes, which can happen at any age; stress; or some combination.

Newer prescription medications like propecia may help. Sometimes you’ll be relieved to know that your hair loss is temporary, due to hormonal cycles, or something that can be treated with an over the counter shampoo like Rogaine. No matter what, you will leave your consultation with information, and a treatment plan to treat YOUR hair loss or thinning hair.

No special preparation is necessary, and there is no down time.

Hair loss or alopecia or baldness is more common than you would think. Hair loss is typically caused by heredity but can also be caused by medications and in some cases can be auto immune. CSC Steil Dermatology can treat thinning and receeding hair or hair loss through restorative treatments. Contact CSC Dermatology to start a treatment path for you.