Rates of skin cancer, especially the most serious form, melanoma, are increasing.

Americans spend more time than ever outdoors, and today’s adults soaked up a lot of sun before sun blocks became widely used in the 1980s. The good news is, caught early most skin cancers are highly treatable. This starts with an annual skin exam.

When you come in for an annual skin cancer exam, or because something is already concerning you, our experienced physicians will methodically go over your skin and scalp. The exam is comfortable and takes less than 20 minutes. We’ll take notes about YOUR skin so we can track changes over time. We will biopsy anything that looks remotely concerning – and most of the time it will come back negative.

No special preparation is necessary, but do get ready to talk with us about your history of sun exposure. Do you remember any particular sun burns, even as a child? And get ready for us to talk to you about skin self-exams and sun protection.

No down time.