Treat your spider veins

Broken capillaries, or spider veins, are those little unsightly veins in your legs that break and make you look older than you are. It used to be they could be covered only with clothing. Sclerotherapy, the gold standard for treating broken veins, changed all that: Safe injections “irritate” the broken capillaries so it closes up – and vanishes, removing the spider veins. But whereas sclerotherapy used to be done with a saline solution that stings, we use the latest, tk, which works like saline but without the sting.

The treatments consist of a series of injections with a very tiny needle. It might remind you of a Botox treatment but on your legs!

The treated areas will likely look darker for a few days and may bruise. But very quickly the product will be absorbed – with the vein. You will need to wear compression hose for two weeks after treatment and minimize exercise during that time for the treatment to be its most effective.

Avoid aspirin, fish oils, or anything that will lead to bruising for a week ahead of the procedure.