Achieve more youthful skin in less time

Truly a lunch-time peel, the Silk Peel leaves uses an exfoliating tip to both exfoliate at the same time it delivers customized serums deep into your skin. The skin is beautifully hydrated and softened and the results are long lasting. If you have a party or special outing coming up soon, this procedure is for you. Do it several times a year to maintain that younger glow.

The procedure is truly relaxing. It feels a bit like a facial massage, with a little bit of sand paper and a lot of moisturizing!

There is no downtown.

Come in with clean skin, and avoid topical acids or Retin-A for a few days ahead of treatment.

Silk Peel Dermalinfusion is a noninvasive skin treatment that leaves you with noticeably better skin in under 30 minutes.

Very therapeutic yet relaxing with no down time. Truly a “lunch time” procedure.

Use an exfoliating tip instead of crystals while simultaneously delivering customized serums deeply into your skin.

The tips vary in degree of exfoliation from very gentle to more aggressive and the vacuum is also adjustable.

We treat patchy, discolored skin tone; loss of elasticity; fine lines and wrinkles; sun damage as well as oily, acne prone skin.

Advanced Dermalinfusion technology combines several different benefits in a single procedure

Besides exfoliation, the skin is hydrated, plumped, detoxed, circulated and stimulated on a cellular level due to the vacuum.

The debris accumulates in a waste jar so you can see what was inside your skin. (Your skin will be as clean as when you go to the dentist for a cleaning and better yet, the serums will continue to improve the skin for days after the treatment)

Your skin is soft, smooth and “Silky” and the results are long lasting.

Every time to get a Dermalinfusion treatment, you are creating healthier, firmer, younger skin.

SilkPeel… love your skin again.