minimally invasive facial rejuvenation

Levulan is one of a new line of “photodynamic” treatments for the face. This means a special light activates the treatment by working with the topical agents that will be applied. Levulan is particularly good for patients with pre-skin cancers or who are prone to them, and it’s a great treatment for acne.

We will comfortably apply the special cream in Levulan to your face, where it will sit for about an hour. It targets the rough dry patches you can see, and even sun damage and precancerous skin you can’t see. As you sit comfortably, it’s changing the molecular make-up of problem areas of skin, so that the special light you are exposed to for several minutes afterwards “breaks-up” the problem.

You may be red and sensitive for several days following treatment. Lots of moisturizers, sun block, and hat wearing advised.

Avoid any topical acids or Retin-A applications for several days before treatment.