Your Fall Skin Care To-Do List

Fall is here! And just like the leaves change color, your skin changes too. Colder, windy weather is not ideal for skin, but at Steil Dermatology we can help you transition with the season— beautifully.
As you make to-do lists for this busy time of year, we suggest you make your skin care a top priority!

Get a mole check

Get a head to toe skin check. Make sure that new sun spot is not an early skin cancer. So many skin cancers are curable— if caught early.

Adjust your skin care routine

Switch to a more emollient skin care product.

Using cream based products will make up for dry air and colder temperatures. It’s important to choose the right cream, because many over-the-counter products just sit on the skin surface. Instead, with a visit to our office, we can help you select the barrier repair cream that’s just right for you.

Smooth visible imperfections

Summer sun and heat can leave dead skin build up.

Retinoids, Lytics, Alpha-hydroxy or Polyhydroxyl acids may have complicated names but what they do – promoting cell turnover— is simple. It’s the key to younger looking skin, and now is the time to use these products faithfully! We can help you choose the right products for your skin type to help you slough off summer impurities, oil and dirt to reveal visibly smoother-looking skin.

And don’t forget to make an appointment for a professional peel to enhance your results.

Tackle unwanted dark spots

It’s easy to get more sun than you intended in the summer, and sometimes it shows up in the skin as unwanted dark spots. Determining if your pigment is due to melasma, hormonal changes in the skin, or sun damage is the first step towards treatment. We have several effective products targeted to help address these stubborn problems.

Correct your sun damage

Start your Forever Young broad band light (BBL) treatment series now. A BBL will reverse your sun damage, restore your skin health and slow down aging.

Try Coolsculpting

Working out all summer, eating healthy and still have that pooch? Schedule your Coolsculpting consultation and learn about this non-invasive surgical fat reduction method performed in our office. It cools and freezes unwanted fat cells without affecting the skin and with little downtime. Get ready for that office or neighborhood holiday party now!

Believe it or not, next summer is coming!

Start your laser hair removal series now so that you will be razor-free next summer. Call today— we can help you love the skin you’re in, in every season.