The Silk Peel Dermalinfusion

I want to do something about my skin, but I am afraid of doing “a procedure.” Is there a treatment that is comfortable and effective?

You should get a SilkPeel treatment. SilkPeel is a very therapeutic yet relaxing lunch time treatment that will make your face and body glow with health. You will have noticeably better skin in under 30 minutes with no down time.

A medical grade device, this technology uses a combination of vacuum and pressure to exfoliate the upper layer of skin while simultaneously delivering customized serums deeply into your skin. The skin is hydrated, plumped, detoxed, circulated and stimulated on a cellular level due to the vacuum. After the treatment your skin volume is increased by 70% as the nutrients bathe the cells- so doing the treatment before an event will give you immediate results. As the serums are absorbed your skin will continue to improve.

SilkPeel face treatments address all things tone and texture related, from acne and acne scarring, to hyperpigmentation, photo-damage, dry skin and fine-line wrinkles. SilkPeel Body treatments are used to improve the appearance of cellulite, stretch-marks and to treat the skin bumps of keratosis pilaris – the skin condition that causes rough inflamed bumps on the arms and thighs.

For acne patients the treatment is gentle enough to treat highly inflamed skin. The vacuum pulls dirt and debris from the pores and then the skin is ready to fully absorb at its deepest layers products that cleanse the pores and reduce skin inflammation. (Your skin will be as clean as when you go to the dentist for a cleaning and better yet, the serums will continue to improve the skin for days after the treatment) And good news — some insurance companies cover a portion of this treatment.

Patients with melasma, the brown pigmentation on the face that gets more common as we age, are treated with a specific non-hydroquinone topical solution that shuts down the pigment production process. This treatment helps to treat and control this stubborn problem.

Aged and dehydrated skin is infused with hyaluronic acid based solutions. The lips are treated- removing dead skin cells and plumping up lips too often dehydrated from summer!

This procedure is a great addition to our list of services. Combining a SilkPeel with our non-invasive treatments such as Ultherapy or Exilis for skin tightening, and the BBL Fotofacial to treat sun-damage and stimulate collagen production, is the best approach to skin care because you are treating
it all. The result is great skin clarity, tightness and an overall glow!

The SilkPeel is also great for getting rid of rough dry skin all over your body, and hydrating you from head to toe. Consider combining it with the Exilis cellulite treatment for an extra-powerful assault on the cellulite problem we all experience. SilkPeel — love your skin again.