Ask the Expert

With the New Year, it’s time to take a fresh look in the mirror and consider what’s new when it comes to skin care.
At Steil Dermatology, we are excited about cutting edge breakthroughs in skin care. We are always looking for ways to give you healthy, beautiful skin, and which are minimally invasive and involve little or no down time.


Dermapen treatments are taking the skin care world by storm! A small pen like instrument with tiny needles harnesses the power of your skin to heal itself. It’s called “micro” needling,” but there’s nothing small about the results. Dermapen targets problem areas of your face – everywhere or just in key spots – that have sun damage, large pores, hyper pigmentation, texture problems, you name it. In our carefully controlled and comfortable process, your skin believes it’s being “damaged” as we roll the pen over it. So guess what? It creates new collagen in order to heal and that means stronger, thicker, healthier skin, and that shows up in the mirror as healthier, more radiant skin.
Dermapen can be beautifully combined with a skin tightening treatment because the microneedling allows us to go deeper into your collagen layers. The treatment can be coupled with Ultherapy or Exilis skin tightening for stunning results.
For a simple treatment, you will leave looking rosy and you’ll want to avoid makeup for the day. More aggressive treatments might mean a few days of downtime.


Not everyone is a candidate for injections, or maybe you are someone who just isn’t comfortable with injectables. There are so many other options to consider for beautiful skin.
Try an IPL treatment or “fotofacial.” This laser light treatment is great for treating hyperpigmentation and pores. Because we ask you to stay out of the sun after light based treatments, this one is great to consider in these winter months. How about a miocrodermabrasion, where we gently and mechanically lift off those dry dead skin cells? Again, winter when our skin tends to get dull from dry skin buildup is a perfect time for this treatment. Or consider a chemical peel. In fact these two treatments work so beautifully together as they enhance each other, we call them the “dynamic duo.”
These treatments have little to no downtime but are wonderfully effective. Most are improved when done in a series. Come see us at Steil Dermatology for a consultation on how best to provide cold weather “TLC” for the skin you are in!


Check your cleansers and moisturizers. This time of year, you will want to be using those that are emollient based. In particular, look for products containing the
“humectants” glycerin, urea or an alpha-hydroxy acids to pull water into the top layer of your skin. Use a cream to lock in moisture. And if you want to go natural apply natural oils like grapeseed, olive or sunflower, to your skin after your bath or shower.

Keep putting that sunblock on! Don’t be fooled. When you are outside it doesn’t matter if it is cold, you are getting sun. In fact, it might be worse than summer because snow reflects, and can magnify the effect of the sun. And with the
winter we’ve been having, that’s good to know.

If you don’t already have that humidifier running throughout your house
or at least in your bedroom, get one going now. Dry, cold weather just
sucks moisture out of your skin. Fight back and enhance everything you
are doing, whether at home or with us at Steil Dermatology, by keeping the moisture in your skin no matter what the weather.